Express Jet

Express Jet Mediation

Dear Union Members,

We have just been informed that the ExpressJet dispatch contract negotiations will resume on April 6th – 8th. If you have any questions or concerns please let any union delegate know.


Local Officer Elections

Local Officer Elections are now underway. Click below for a complete set of election rules and the Officer Nomination form.  The rules outline the date’s nominations open and close, as well as the process for nominating someone for an Officer Position. Within the rules you will find how to return nomination forms, when nominations open and close, when the election opens and closes and what you are to do if you do not receive balloting instructions. You will be getting further information in the mail to your last home address that the Local has for you. New Officers will be installed in May.

To download the Election Rules for Local 542 Click Here
To download the Nomination Form for Local 542 Click Here

Gary Shults

Local 542 and 541 Officer Elections

TO:  Local 541 and 542 Union Members

FROM:  Gary Shults, Trustee Local 541 and 542

RE:  February 18, 2015 Update, Officer Elections



Last week while attending the International Executive Board and Council meetings, Officer Elections for Local 541 and 542 were discussed with the top TWU Leadership. I am pleased to announce that Elections for officers of Locals 541 and 542 were approved. I have been in touch with an election service to conduct these elections following US Department of Labor guidelines, TWU International Constitution and the Local Bylaws. Once a timeline for nominations and election dates have been determined, election notices will be sent to each Members home address on file. If you have recently moved or would like to verify that the Local has your correct mailing address, please contact Tiffany Good at the Local Union Hall at 817-545-2326.

Once new Officers are elected, they will receive proper training to conduct the affairs of the Local. Once training is complete, the next step will be to remove the Locals from Trusteeship. We look forward to putting the control of your Local back in the Memberships hands.

As additional information becomes available, updates will be sent to your TWU Representatives for posting.


In Solidarity,

Gary Shults

Trustee Local 542

Welcome to the new Website

ExpressJet Dispatchers,

We all appreciate the patience by everyone awaiting the new website which is now available to all of you. We plan to utilize the website to update you as often as possible about anything you may need to know. With that being said I would like to touch on a few items that we believe are important.

1. For Expressjet dispatchers (ERJ) scheduled to complete FDO's: As of right now the company will be providing positive space travel to and from the city of your choice to complete your FDO. Keep in mind that positive space travel will only be provided on United metal and therefore you will need to select a city that you can fly to on United out of Atlanta. (ORD, IAH, IAD, EWR, DEN) The process is simple, just send an email to MO (Mike Oswalt) with the positive space flights you would like booked at least 2-3 days prior to your scheduled FDO and he will have that booked for you.
Additionally, if you are unable to make it back to Atlanta the same day for whatever reason, give the duty manager a call and they will set up a hotel room for you.

2. ERJ AMERICAN FLYING: Many have asked about the new American Flying and as of right now we still have not been given any information about how this will be handled.

3. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: Negotiations have not started back up as of yet, however, one important step was ensuring that the mediator has been funded. This has occurred and therefore, we are looking for dates that are convenient for the Union, Mediator and Company to begin negotiations.

As always if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let any union leader know.

Shawn McGoff – Section Chair
Bruce Hutcherson
Brad Mills
Dennis Sweet
Adrian Lopez

Dear Local 541 and 542 Members:

Dear Local 541 and 542 Members:

Earlier today (Friday, July 25, 2014), the International Executive Council upon recommendation of the International Administrative Committee voted unanimously to place your Local into a temporary trusteeship and to suspend all Local 541 and Local 542 officers while we conduct a full investigation of serious wrongdoing, and violations of the International Constitution, federal law and their oath of office.

As such, I have appointed International Vice President Gary Shults to administer all affairs of Local 541 and 542 until further notice.

Additionally, the International Administrative Committee will immediately impanel a three-person subcommittee of the International Executive Council to hold timely hearings to evaluate the conduct of Local 542 officers and to determine whether the allegations against them warrant further action.

The suspended officers will have ample opportunity to explain their actions, call witnesses, and otherwise defend themselves against these allegations.

While regrettable, this action was necessary to preserve the assets of the Local, ensure proper member representation and protect the integrity not only of Locals 541 and 542, but of our entire organization and all its affiliates. I believe the unanimity of the International Executive Council in taking this decisive step reflects the gravity of this situation.

Please be advised that actions taken today (July 25, 2014) were a result of violations of Article XVIII, Section 3, and Article V, Sections 4 to 6 of the International Constitution. A copy of the International Constitution can be found on the TWU website ( under the drop-down menu Members, subsection Resources.

The International will continue to keep you apprised of this situation. We ask that no unfair or uninformed judgments be made until the investigation takes place and a decision is rendered by the Subcommittee. In the meantime, feel confident that International Vice President and Administrator Gary Shults will protect your rights as a member of the TWU and the valuable assets of your Locals.


To view the: Trusteeship charges against Local 542 and its officers Click Here
To view the: Notice of amendment Local 542 charge Click Here


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